Go To Extremes

Why work out when you can just buy workout clothes and look like you do? Everybody is wearing workout clothes, but most of them aren’t really working out. Fitness clothing is the only kind of clothing that is actually increasing in sales. By 2020, the U.S. athletic apparel market will increase by nearly 50 percent to more than $100 billion, driven in large part by consumers snapping up stretchy tees and leggings that will never see the fluorescent lights of a gym. Most people are just wearing it, not actually working out in it. Apparently, we like the workout look; we just don’t like working out.

That’s how a lot of people are when it comes to their faith. They’re all dressed up but they’ve got NO GO!

A lot of people like wearing the Jesus label, but they’re not living the Jesus life!

In Revelation 3:14-22, Jesus sends a Direct Message to the church in Laodicea.

14 “Write this letter to the angel of the church in Laodicea. This is the message from the one who is the Amen—the faithful and true witness, the beginning of God’s new creation:

The church was never supposed to be a meeting; it is a movement.

The Connection Church is a movement of God, where we exist to reach people who are far from God and help them connect with Jesus.

Jesus is the AMEN! which means: when He says something, it will happen.

Your Temperature is Temporary.

Jesus says to them: Your spiritual temperature needs to change because it is disgusting to Him.

15 “I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were one or the other! 16 But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! 

Both the hot and the cold water are pictures of good things! Jesus doesn’t want anyone separated from Him. He wants everyone connected with Him. He doesn’t want anyone to live apathetically, in the middle of the road.

We want our temperature at The Connection Church to be warm, so people experience the love of God and cool and refreshing to the people in our community.

There’s a difference between a thermometer and a thermostat. A thermometer tells the temperature of the room and adjusts according to its surroundings. A thermostat sets the temperature of the room and the people around adjust to your passion and fire for God. Set your spiritual temperature high!

Your Condition is Critical.

They thought they were one thing but they were really another.

17 You say, ‘I am rich. I have everything I want. I don’t need a thing!’ And you don’t realize that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked. 18 So I advise you to buy gold from me—gold that has been purified by fire. Then you will be rich. Also buy white garments from me so you will not be shamed by your nakedness, and ointment for your eyes so you will be able to see. 19 I correct and discipline everyone I love. So be diligent and turn from your indifference.

Their three problems are: they are poor, naked, and blind.

When I admit I need God, God gives me all I need.

“God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.” Matthew 5:3

It’s easy to think we can meet all of our own needs apart from God, but the most important things are the things money can’t buy.

When I admit I’m not good enough, Jesus is enough.

At that moment their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness. So they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves… And the Lord God made clothing from animal skins for Adam and his wife. Genesis 3:7, 21

All of us have sin in our life that brings us guilt and shame.

We are all infected and impure with sin. When we display our righteous deeds, they are nothing but filthy rags. Isaiah 64:6

Only Jesus can cover us and clothe us in His rightness to remove our guilt and shame.

If you are banking your eternity on anything other than Jesus, and His cross, then you are putting your trust in the wrong thing.

When I admit I can’t see, God gives me vision.

“But I know this: I was blind, and now I can see!” John 9:25

I overcome when I open the door (and let Jesus come in).

20 “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. 21 Those who are victorious will sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat with my Father on his throne. 22 “Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches.”

Cole Phillips

I'm a Connector, linking people with God and with others to experience the kind of life God has planned for them. I am the founding and Lead Pastor of THE CONNECTION CHURCH in Buda, Texas. I previously served in churches around the state as youth pastor and as pastor before moving to Kyle in the Spring of 2004. I love to lead people to connect with God and those around them and thrive on changed lives. I earned a doctorate in missions and evangelism with an emphasis on church growth. My heart beats for helping people connect with God and connect with others in an authentic community of faith. I love listening to and making music. I also enjoy hanging out with my family. Pam and I have been married since 1991 and we have two daughters, Makenzie and Bethanie. We are planting our lives in Hays County and allowing God to build a great church through us.