Over the last year, God has worked in many exciting ways through The Connection Church here in the Hill Country of South Central Texas. We have taken huge steps to fulfill our mission:

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This year, our reach has expanded to the people in San Marcos with the addition of our second campus. Now, with the Heart of Christmas Offering, we get to have an even greater impact in our county, expand our ministries to people in our church family, and continue to reach the underserved and underprivileged who need Jesus in our world.

The Heart of Christmas Offering starts now and goes through January 31, 2018. Our BIG ONE DAY Offering will happen in all of our Celebration Services on December 17th. That’s the day we’ll all bring our BEST GIFT to JESUS for Christmas!

THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS OFFERING is a challenge for us to give sacrificially with the goal of accomplishing three major ministry initiatives:

  • To add an additional staff member to support the ministries of our growing church family.
    • The Connection Church continues to grow as we reach people in our community. You’ll find that for a church of our size, we operate with a very efficient (i.e., small in number) team. As we grow, recognize the need to add an additional staff member in 2018 to partner with us in reaching people with the life-changing power of Jesus!
  • To provide for land and building construction/improvement
    • As we prepare for the bright future God has in store for us, we want to position our church to be ready when God opens the doors for land and a building. We also are committed to continuous improvement for our existing campuses in Buda and San Marcos.
  • To support Global Missions
    • We are a church that supports missions. This focus will continue as we fund our adoption of the Agua Zarca village in Guatemala where we feed the more than 50 children each day when they are at school and make improvements in their whole way of life. In 2017, we adopted another village called Plan de Avila that had been without this kind of support. Now, we are sharing vital food and spiritual support to these people who are living in an even more remote area of Guatemala.

Will you begin praying now about how much God would have you give, over and above your regular giving, to this Christmas Offering? One way that we use to determine how much to bring is to consider the most expensive Christmas gift we’ll be giving this year. As a family, we want to make sure we bring at least that much for our Christmas Offering for the Birthday Boy Himself: Jesus! Let God stretch your faith!

If you want to give your Christmas Offering online, you can click here to give to the Heart of Christmas Offering today!

If you have any other questions about the offering, check out these FAQs.

I can’t wait to see what we will do together to make a difference this Christmas! Remember to keep Jesus at the center of your Christmas season!