C3 Conference 2018 App Session

Create a whatever-it-takes culture with Dr. Ben Young, Mac Richard, and Brad White

The best way to create a can-do culture is to have can-do people on your team.

How to Build a Can-Do Team

There is no formula for hiring and knowing if they are can-do until you have them on the team.

Good candidates for your team: people who have played high school sports.

Busy people get things done. Non busy people are free for a reason.

Look for people who walk with God.

The Priority of Reaching

Evangelism is the key.
You won’t attract passionate evangelistic people unless you are! Vision trumps everything!

2 Ways to Build Vision into your team:

  1. Weekly leadership meeting
  2. Annual Advance Weekend!

People don’t take hints well. be specific with your ask.
You cultivate what you tolerate.
Hope is not a strategy.
You can pay now or pay later.
Don’t live in fantasy land. Be relentless for the truth.