App Session 1: C3 Conference 2018

  • With Dr. Claude Thomas
  • Chris Stephens: Faith Promise Church
  • Bil Cornelius: Church Unlimited
  • Dharius Daniels: Change Church

How can you expand your reach?

We are on a march forward. As believers following after Christ, we don’t retreat, we advance!

What has been your biggest challenge in taking new ground?

Dharius Daniels:

Convincing the team about the need for extension when it seems you’re already winning.

I had to ask them, “How has God used the church to add value to your life? What would you be willing to do? Move? And Give? To make it possible in others’ lives?”

The Why? was their personal experience

You will only go as far as your Team takes you, not as far as your Dream takes you!

You’ll never be any better than those closest to you.

Your number one asset is your team.

You can’t have those hard conversations with emotionally unhealthy people.

Jesus was affirmed by His Father and didn’t need it from people.

If I have to try and fix you we can’t fix our Ministry.

What have you had to change to be more effective?

Bil Cornelius:

Trusting the team and taking my hands out of it. I’ve had to learn to manage outcomes instead of manage the team.

I’ve had to look at more closely at my weaknesses. Mine was a lack of organization. I’ve had to learn to work on in the church and not just in the church. It’s not enough to just be a nice leader because people will take advantage of your niceness. What you tolerate becomes what you are known for. Leaders have to make the hard calls. The excuses don’t matter. At the end of the day, the reason you’re not succeeding is because you aren’t meeting needs.

When you say, “it’s all good,” you are lying and making excuses.

What was your greatest structural lesson?

Developing campuses that can stand on their own.

I had to move from having having a right hand man to having a right hand team.

Being tough is not the same as being mean. Some of the kindest people can still make the necessary tough calls.

Your organizational structure has to be strong enough to hold what you’re building.

Large is not the same as strong. Size isn’t the same as strength.

What has been the biggest challenge to contextualize your vision?

Chris Stephens:

To lead many people, you have to be a rancher, not a shepherd.

What has brought you to success can take you to defeat.

You must surrender ground on the inside before you can take turf on the outside.

Jesus didn’t ask Peter if he loved sheep. He said, “do you love me?”

Sheep will bite and pee on you after you rescue them.

Do what you do for Jesus, not for people.

People bail in ministry because they don’t have a father.

Ministry is warfare. If you think it’s not, you will become a casualty in the battle.

As a leader, you have to deal with yourself first. Be a healthy leader. Be willing to deal with unhealthy leaders in your organization.

2 Important Questions:

1. Who is God?

2. Who am I?

What one thing do you want to leave us with?

Chris Stephens – Time with God alone is the most important thing in your schedule, everybody will want to fight against it. They can’t have it. The greatest war we can fight is spiritual warfare. The devil will quake.

Bil Cornelius – You need way more energy than you think to get into orbit. Bring 10 friends not 1! Like a rocket launch! It takes 1 swimming pool full of gas per second to get challenger into orbit. Leaders don’t wait for momentum, leaders create momentum! Celebrate the big wins!!!

Dharius Daniels – The size of your influence is not necessarily the size of your gift. It may be the size of your assignment. Don’t measure your competence based on results. Cease striving so you can perceive what God has done in your context.

God gives us increased capacity because of who He is and what He can do.