Ed Young – C3 Conference 2018 – Session 1

Ed saw a huge Doberman dragging a park bench through traffic destroying cars on the way across.

Who are you dragging through your life because of your lack of forgiveness?

Unforgiveness leads to bitterness and resentment.

A “Dumb Ask” is when you ask a question but are not willing to listen to the answer. You just want to make yourself look good.

In Matthew 18:21, Peter asked how many times a person should forgive the same offender. Rabbis would say you were being gracious to forgive 3 times. Peter suggests forgiving 7 times. Jesus said, 7 times 70 times.

Jesus told a story about God’s judgment on unforgiveness in Matthew 18:32-35.

In unforgiven relationships, the least invested has the most control. The most invested has the least control.

We are leashed to anger, stress and anxiety through unforgiveness.

To forgive means to release, as often as necessary.

We can’t change on our own. Change is a result of the great exchange that happened on the cross.

We need to preach the Gospel to ourselves daily.

“Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors.” Matthew 6:12

We need to go to those we need to forgive and say, “I was wrong. Will you forgive me?”

4 Benefits to Forgiveness

1. Emotional

Resentment kills a fool. Job 5:2


Ephesians 4:32. Feelings aren’t foundational. Don’t feel it. Will it! Feelings follow action.

3. Physically

Proverbs 14:30. Say “Bye, Bye, Bye!” to unforgiveness.

4. Mentally

Leads to peace of mind.