Have you seen the new animated version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas? This is one of the best takes on the classic tale of the Grinch whose heart was 2 sizes too small. The Grinch was so miserable that he took it out on the Who’s around him by trying to steal their Christmas presents.

This Christmas season, we’re going to discover how God can grow our heart to give us a new capacity for love, joy and peace. I even wrote a short Dr. Suess style poem about our new series:

We all know that nasty green monster the Grinch.
He didn’t like Christmas, not one little inch.
But many of us can act just like him.
Our hearts can be small and our light can be dim.
How can we change? Where do we start?
Christmas will change when we each do our part.
The secret is letting God change our heart.

You’re invited to make the most of this Christmas season at The Connection Church where you’ll discover the true Heart of Christmas. We’ll find out how a heart can be truly changed for good.