The Connect Initiative is a way for us to understand and elevate our 7 Core Values at The Connection Church. Each month through the rest of 2016, we’ll focus on one of our shared core values and talk about them in all of our ministry teams in addition to any usual meetings, trainings, conference calls, and huddles.

This plan will help us focus in on one vital value and lead us to fully commit to our shared mission. Here are some ways you can make sure your ministry makes the most of this CONNECT Initiative for the rest of 2016:

  • Bring emphasis to each month’s value with your ministry teams
  • Incorporate the value in your huddles or other meetings
  • Talk about what each value means and how your ministry applies this value
  • Participate in any trainings, devotionals, or other efforts in this initiative
  • Prayer and dependence on God to show us how best to grow where we can

By the time we finish out this year, we’ll have worked through each value, and all of us will have grown together and closer to where God wants us to be.

We’re kicking this off for the month of June with our first value: CELEBRATIVE WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH. Watch this video where I unpack the power in this value and how we apply it at The Connection Church. You can use these ideas as a foundation for your team meetings for the next 4 weeks:


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