Christmas is everywhere! As I drive down the street, I see all the Christmas lights my neighbors have put on their houses and in their yards. It’s a season of lights! Some houses are illuminated in red, some are green, others are blue, and still others are lit up in silver and gold, or just multi-colored bulbs shining the spirit of Christmas.

What we usually overlook is the meaning behind each of these colors at Christmas. Since Christmas comes in the middle of winter in most countries, the colors of Christmas lights shine in contrast to the dark and cold white snow of the landscape.


Red might be the most popular color of Christmas. Red is worn by Santa, who developed from the true story of St. Nicholas, a bishop with a red robe. Red is also the color of holly berries that remind us of the blood of Jesus that he willingly shed by giving his life on the cross


Evergreen plants like mistletoe, holly and ivy have been used for many years to brighten up the house during the dead of winter. Today, we decorate green Christmas trees in our homes. The green is a reminder of new life and the truth that winter won’t last forever. Spring is just around the corner. It also reminds us of God’s promise of eternal life for anyone who is a part of His forever family.


Blue is a color that is connected with Mary, Jesus’ mother. Her faithfulness to God is emphasized by the blue she wears. Blue is also a symbol of being washed clean. That’s what happens when you ask to be forgiven by Jesus. He forgives your sin and gives you a fresh start.


Gold is the color of the star that led the wise men to Bethlehem. One of the gifts given to Jesus was gold. Precious metals like silver and gold remind us of the value of Jesus and the salvation that can only come from Him.

Christmas is full of color with multicolored lights on green trees, and gifts wrapped in silver and gold paper with red ribbons. But for many people, this time of year can also make them feel blue. This December, we are going to celebrate a Technicolor Christmas, full of light and color to help you celebrate the true meaning of the season. I want to personally invite you to be our guest at The Connection Church for a Christmas to remember.